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High Lift Garage Door Installation – Why Should You Get It?

If you have a standard garage door, you might know the struggle when you cannot park taller cars in your garage, and only vehicles of a specific size and number can fit inside. If you are fed up with this situation, and your ceiling is very high, resulting in a lot of space, you might consider having a high lift garage door installation because it allows you to park higher cars in your garage and gives you more freedom.

It saves you money from replacing your door and modifies your current garage door by being an extension. It also allows you to have more cars in your garage; if you plan to buy a car lifter with a high lift garage door, you can install three, four, and even five vehicles in a small space within your garage, so it spares you a lot of space.

You should get a high lift garage door installation if you want taller, larger cars to fit in your garage as it causes your garage door to move higher and opens the door to its fullest. To get a high lift garage door, you need to purchase an extension kit. We suggest you do not try it on your own, however, as it may be dangerous; so it’s better to call a professional to install a high lift garage door for you.

How To Get A High Lift Garage Door Installation?

  • Assume you are interested in all the benefits of installing a high lift garage door in your garage. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a high lift garage door installation in that case, since it is just a modification of your current garage door.

    If you don’t want to call a professional, you can install new tracks to raise your door. For an easy and hassle-free high lift garage door installation, you’ll need drums, springs, cables, spring bars, openers, and bear plates.

    Make sure you don’t do this alone and call a professional who will check your ceiling for a high lift garage door and install it without any problems in a few hours.

We would highly recommend you do not attempt this process by yourself; hire an expert, and if you are from Brooklyn, you can call Mr. Garage Door Repairman for all your garage door problems and installations.

Tips For Your High Lift Garage Door Maintenance:

  •  The hardware in high lift doors is more than standard doors, so taking care of all the hardware is crucial. Grease them with oil or lubricant for smooth movement.
  •  Tighten screws from time to time to avoid any damage to the garage door.
  •  Take care of it and make sure that your high lift garage door is higher than your car lift.
  • Change or repair the high lift garage door’s worn-out parts to keep it moving correctly.
  •  Get your high lift garage door inspected once a year to detect any damages or problems.

Why Should You Get A High Lift Garage Door Installation From Us?

Mr. Garage Door Repairman is the only company in Brooklyn that delivers high lift garage door installation at the best and most timely service rates. We ensure that our customers are getting the best services. Our company deal with garage door repairs, buildings, and other potential issues with your garage door. We are a team of professionals and have always tried to send well-experienced experts and modern tools to your doorstep. So if you want to install the best high lift garage door, contact us.


A high lift garage door is beneficial for you in many ways as it saves space and gives you more space in your garage, but it also needs attention and care. So do not avoid your high lift garage door because it may cost you a lot. Again, do not try to install the high lift door with a DIY method because it may cause injury, and it is the work of professionals as they are trained for this.

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