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What Is A Garage Door Rail?

Garage door rail also known as garage door track aid in opening and closing your garage door. The garage door slides past these rails to the side to open or close whenever you require it to.

Keep rails on garage doors clean for smooth operation.

Different Types Of Garage Door Rail Installations

  • Standard Radius Garage Door Rail Installation

This is the most common type of garage door rail that is avidly used throughout. It requires a headroom to accommodate all components of the fence in itself. The more headroom required, the bigger the radius of the rail must be

  • Low Headroom 

This type of garage door rail needs the least headroom to store all the equipment necessary. Its second track moves the top section of the garage door to enable the lower area to be moved much more quickly.

  • Hi-Lift Installation

This is another variation of the standard radius rail. It uses more of the vertical rail than the horizontal one to unlock and open the garage door.

  • Vertical Lift Installation

This kind of rail is another variation of Hi – Lift door rails but is primarily found in commercial locations or industrial garages. This system only uses a vertical rail mechanism to have the door move upwards. This does not have any horizontal rail attached to it.

  • Roof – Pitch Installation

This kind of rail follows the shape of the roof structure. In order for the garage door mechanism to function effectively, a standard radius curve track section is cut to allow the angled horizontal track to follow the roof structure.

When Do You Need A Garage Door Rail Installation?

You should hire a garage door repair specialist to install a new garage door rail if it was initially installed with improper spacing which is causing your garage door to malfunction.

Your garage door may hit something while opening or may get jammed in between or as soon as it opens, causing you problems. So it is better to get a new rail installed.

Another reason you may end up needing a new rail installation is when your garage door ends up being too noisy. Several screeching, squeaking, and scraping sounds indicate that the garage door rail has worn out and should be replaced.

Furthermore, one more aspect that you should look into when we talk about a garage door rail replacement is when your garage door suddenly falls out of nowhere. At times like these, you will only end up worried and panicking even more.

You can identify whether a door may end up falling if you notice when it is sliding away. As the garage door rails wear and tear, they get damaged, and thus the door may end up slipping out of them.

This is a safety hazard and should be taken quite seriously to call your garage door specialist and have them fix the issue. Even before so, have a garage door specialist handy and checking up on your garage door every once or twice a year to avoid any inconvenience.

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